Automatic feed with big CCD CO2 Laser cutting machine

The auto feeding laser cutting machine is specially designer for small or mid-sized fabric and textile cutting works ,it adopts auto feeding system ,largely improved the working efficiency . ;

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*The machine use unique feeding design with rotating table , auto-feeder at back and materials holder st front ,can collect the cutting sample when cutting , saves a lot of energy and time ;
* Long life and strictly tested machine parts ensures the machine stability and life time . This machine uses USB port and USB flash disk to transmit data ,greatly improving working speed and efficiency ,customer can control the feeding speed through software;
*Apply to garment sampling ,Large format tailoring , Leather ,Shoes and other related industries.
*Customer can choose the CCD camera which can automatic edge tracking

(large scale visual scan),

intelligent shape matching and recognition laser cutting system

المقياس التقني

Machine Model



حجم العمل

1300mm x 2500mm

1600mm x 2600mm


1000 KG


نوع الليزر

أنبوب ليزر ثاني أكسيد الكربون مختوم ، تبريد بالماء

قوة الليزر

130W Optional: 80W/100W/150W/200W/300W

نظام التحكم


سرعة النقش

0-60000 مم / دقيقة

سرعة القطع

0-10000 مم / دقيقة

Minimum shaping character

حرف 1 مم ، صيني 2 مم

توافق البرامج

CorelDraw ، فوتوشوب ، أوتوكاد

Optional: Up-down worktable, Red light pointer, Auto focus, Rotary device,CCD camera

تطبيق الصناعة

نية التعاون