DW1325 ATC with 4 Axis cnc router machine

  • With a linear type tool changer, this cnc wood design machine can change more than 8 tools automatically in the cnc wood carving engraving process.
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The cnc spindle can swing up to 180 degrees which enables the machine to process 3D molds, statues and other objects.

With a heavy-duty frame and gantry, the machine has a stronger structure, ensuring stable and safe operation.

All the specifications can be customized according to your own actual processing needs.

With this machine, you are able to make different surface carving, arc-surface milling, bend surface machining for 4D jobs, like special shaped arts, bended doors or cabinets.
 It can work on foam, MDF, Acrylic, wood, and the soft metal etc.

Parámetro técnico

Machine Model



tamaño de trabajo

1300mm x 2500mm

1500mm x 3000mm


1100 KG


Motor and Driver

AC servo motor

spindle power

9kw ATC

Sistema de control


 Velocidad de viaje


Working speed



Fuling inverter

Compatibilidad de programas

CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD

aplicación de la industria

Intención de cooperación