DW fiber laser marking machine

High adaptability: Machine adopts good quality laser source and fast speed galvo head, which maintaining excellent marking quality. Can be used on many materials like metal, plastic, alloy etc. Can be used in many industries like Jewelry engraving, Medical devices, Phone case engraving, Hardware industry, stainless steel tableware, electron components marking etc.


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1.High electro-optic conversion efficiency, simple operation, Compact in structure, support harsh working environment, no consumables.
2.Low power consumption, stability laser output. the marking is permanent and corrosion resistant
3. High quality beam, small machine dimension, This highly integrated laser source increases the machine’s anti-reflection ability with optical isolator, be able to mark on most high reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, gold and silver without the shadow and virtual open phenomenon.
4. Smaller output laser beam, finer marking line. suitable for high precision marking.
5.Modular design, separate laser generator and lifter, more flexible, can mark on bigger area and complicated surface. Air-cooled inside, small occupation, easy to install.

Technical parameter



Working area



Fiber laser tube

Laser power


Marking speed


Minimum shaping character

letter 2mm, Chinese 3mm

Reposition accuracy


Laser head

Professional laser head with the auto height control

Y axis transmission

Ball screw with the square linear guide rail

Graphic format supported


Laser output control

1-100% software setting

Laser tube cooling type

Water chiller LW16 or cooling machine

Highest Scanning Precision


Working temperature


Operating humidity

5%-95%(without condensed water)

Software compatibility

CorelDraw, PhotoShop, AutoCAD

Working voltage

AC220V 50HZ 3A  /  AC110V 60HZ 3A

Industry application

Applicable Industries

Mainly used in advertising ,decoration industry, Garments sampling ,large format tailoring , leather industry, shoes making ,decoration ,furniture,advertisement ,packing and printing ,molding ,craft gifts industries etc .


Applicable Materials

The fiber laser machine can marks metal (inclouding the rare matals) such as steel, titanium,copper etc.and some of nonmetal such as nylon,light button,abs,pvc,pes.

Cooperation intention