Cutting Technology Of Plasma Cutting Machine

The shape and size of the ion-cutting machine are varied. The robot arm controls the precise cutting of giant plasma cutting machine, also has in the manual workshop use of the streamlined handheld plasma cutting machine. Regardless of size, all plasma cutting machines are based on the same principle, and the structural design is roughly the same.Plasma Cutting Machine

In order to reduce energy consumption and improve the life of the nozzle and electrode, when cutting the thin workpiece, should be used as far as possible “low-grade” cutting. When the “cut-thickness selection” switch is placed in “high-grade”, the non-contact cutting type should be used (except for special cases) and the water cutting torch should be chosen preferentially.Plasma Cutting Machine

When it is necessary to start the arc cutting from the middle of the workpiece, cutting stainless steel ≤20mm thickness, can be directly perforated cutting. Plasma Cutting Machine

Method is: The cutting torch at the beginning of the cut seam, and make the cutting torch nozzle axis and workpiece plane is about 75 ° angle, then, open the torch switch, the arc perforation; At the same time, slowly adjust the nozzle axis and workpiece surface angle, to cut through the workpiece should be adjusted to 90°.Plasma Cutting Machine

Cut through the workpiece, along the direction of cutting seam normal cutting can be. However, if the above thickness should be perforated cutting, you must drill a small hole in the starting point of the cutting (the diameter is not limited), from the small hole in the arc cutting. Otherwise, easy to damage cutting torch nozzle.Plasma Cutting Machine

When the compressed air pressure is below 0.22MPa equipment should be immediately in the protection shutdown state, at this time should overhaul the gas supply system, troubleshooting, pressure recovery 0.45MPa time to continue to work. If the three-phase input power is missing phase, the host will not work properly, some models “lack of phase indication” red light. After the failure to remove the normal cutting.Plasma Cutting Machine

According to the workpiece thickness, the “thickness selection” switch to the appropriate location, select the appropriate cutting torch, cutting torch according to the use of a wide range of specifications. It is forbidden to exceed the rated current range, otherwise it will be damaged. Will cut the torch at the beginning of the workpiece cutting torch switch, if not ignited, can again press the cutting torch switch, the arc successful, start cutting.Plasma Cutting Machine

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