Variable Speed Function Of CNC Router

In order to continuously process all kinds of complex shape contours on the workpiece, it is necessary to control the linear and arc trajectory movement of the cutter along the set line, arc or space, which requires that the servo-drag system of the NC milling machine coordinate the motion in the coordinate direction simultaneously, and keep the predetermined relationship, that is to say, the machine tool should be able to realize the multiple coordinate linkage.CNC Router

CNC Milling Machine To control the number of coordinates at least 3 coordinates of any two coordinate linkage, to achieve continuous processing of linear variable bevel workpiece, at least to achieve four coordinate linkage, and to process the curve variable bevel workpiece, it is required to achieve 5 coordinate linkage. Therefore, CNC Milling machine configuration of the CNC system in the grade is generally higher than other CNC machine tools.CNC Router

The variable speed function and range of different machine tools are different. Some of the use of frequency conversion units (currently rarely used), fixed several rotational speeds can be optional one programmed, but can not be changed at the time of operation; some use inverter speed, the speed is divided into several stalls, the process can be selected as a file, in the operation of the knob in the control Panel within the scope of the free adjustment.CNC Router

Some are not divided, the process can be made in the entire speed range of the selection of a value, in the spindle operation can be in full speed range of stepless adjustment, but from the security point of view, at each time can only be adjusted or lowered within the allowable range, can not have a sudden change in volatility. In the NC Milling Machine Spindle sleeve is generally equipped with automatic pull, retract device, can be in a few seconds to complete the knife and unloading knife, so that the change of the knife is more convenient.CNC Router

In addition, the spindle of the multi-axis NC Milling machine can be numerically controlled by the X, Y or Z axes, and the CNC Milling machine has a universal spindle head, which enlarges the motion range of the spindle, but the spindle structure is more complex.CNC Router

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