Engraving Of Raw Materials For Laser Engraving Machine

Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing materials, very easy to carve and cut. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry, or maple can be well vaporized by lasers, and thus more suitable for carving. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, some denser, such as hardwood, with a larger laser power when carving or cutting. Before we suggest carving the wood that is not familiar, we must first study its carving characteristics.Laser Engraving Machine

Sometimes the customer may ask you to carve on the plywood, in fact this is not much different from the wood carving, just a little attention, carving depth can not be too deep. After cutting the glued back edge will also be as black as wood, the key to see if the plywood is used that Woody made.Laser Engraving Machine

Wood carving will generally have a burning sensation, with a wooden background to match with a primitive artistic beauty, the depth of its color mainly to see the laser power and engraving speed. But some wood is usually a softer type, and you can’t change its color (e.g. birch) no matter what. Sometimes the customer may ask you to color the finished product and use acrylic paint.Laser Engraving Machine

The use of laser engraving machine can be used in the surface of the fabric of high temperature etching, by the high-temperature etching parts of the yarn is burned, dyes are vaporized, the formation of different levels of etching, the production of patterns or other washing water finishing effect. These patterns can also be decorated with embroidery, beads, hot films, metal ornaments and other materials to enhance the artistic effect.Laser Engraving Machine

And the traditional art pattern of apparel fabrics, mainly through a variety of printing and dyeing processing technology, so that different dyes in the fabric of the fiber coloring to form patterns. In this way, not only the production process is long, the pattern is single, the change procedure is complex, and the production process is more related to the environmental protection restrictions, especially can not realize people’s growing demand for personalized artistic effect of apparel fabrics.Laser Engraving Machine

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