The Use Of Laser Marking Machine Skills

Semiconductor side pump laser marking machine. Semiconductor lasers are selected integrated module planning, instead of the YAG laser marking machine krypton lamp, and then to avoid the frequent replacement of krypton lamp defects, modular planning also means that this model less fault, protection But also more convenient, the quality of semiconductor laser marking machine is very good, suitable for all types of metal and non-metallic marking, such as plastic, mobile phone keys, stainless steel and so on.Laser Marking Machine

Green laser marking machine Green laser marking machine suitable for thermal effect sensitive data marking, because the wavelength of the green laser is a relatively cold ‘laser. The reason why the relative, refers to relative to the co2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine for green laser thermal radiation effect is smaller. Green laser marking machine is the most typical application in the crystal surface carved and carved.Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machine UV laser marking machine equipped with UV lasers, imported high-speed scanning galvanometer system. UV laser marking machine is very small, UV laser is the true sense of the cold laser, thermal effect is very small, so the UV laser marking machine can be ultra-precision marking, special data marking, UV laser marking machine is right Marking has a higher demand for customers preferred products. UV laser marking machine with high electro-optical conversion rate, the machine running stable, high precision marking, high power, modular planning to facilitate the protection of the device and so on. Other optional two-dimensional active workstations, complete multi-station marking or large format marking.Laser Marking Machine

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