Laser Engraving Machine Production Process

Laser marking with a high precision marking, fast, marking clear, can be hard, soft, crisp product plane, arc and flying objects to print a variety of text, symbols, patterns. Laser marking compatible laser cutting, carving various advantages, in the metal and organic polymer sheet on the precision processing, processing small size of the complex pattern. Print mark with the wear and tear of the anti-counterfeiting performance, can be specially made cloth standard, leather superscript, metal standard, print the complex pattern of fine and all kinds of emblem and LOGO. Is the brand clothing clothing processing the best choice.Laser Engraving Machine

Laser cutting process, because it will not make the fabric deformation or wrinkle, cutting the size of high precision, cutting shape can be arbitrarily changed with the draft, increasing the design of randomness and creativity. In addition, the laser cutting is a knife instead of metal knife, cutting any fabric, can instantly melt and solidify the blade, to achieve automatic “lock side” function. The original traditional process with a knife die cutting or eagerly processing, knife-edge easy to de-twist, cut yellow, stiff, and laser cutting gap is small, accurate and can automatically “lock edge”, so it is die and eager processing of upgrading products.Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving machine is laser equipment connected laser engraving software, artwork input automatic engraving. Is currently the most mature laser processing, the most widely used technology. Any complex graphics can be carved, you can hollow engraving and not through the blind groove carving. Which carved out of different shades, different texture, with a sense of layering and transition color effect of a variety of magical patterns. Laser engraving with a high degree of automation, carving precision, speed, easy to operate simple. Laser engraving to meet the international trend of garment processing.Laser Engraving Machine

We usually use this model in the wood, Yake particles, paper and other materials to penetrate the cutting, but also in a variety of materials on the surface marking operation engraving speed: engraving speed refers to the speed of moving the laser head, usually with IPS ( Inch / s) that high speed brings high productivity. The speed is also used to control the depth of the cutting. For a particular laser intensity, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cutting or engraving. You can use the engraver panel to adjust the speed, you can also use the computer’s print driver to adjust. In the range of 1% to 100%, the adjustment is 1%.Laser Engraving Machine

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