Working Principle And Maintenance Of Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma is heated to very high temperature and highly ionized gas, it will be transferred to the arc of the workpiece, high heat so that the workpiece melting and blown away to form a plasma arc cutting work. Compressed air into the torch by the air chamber to allocate two, that is, the formation of plasma gas and auxiliary gas. The plasma gas arc acts as a molten metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the individual parts of the torch and blows off the molten metal.Plasma Cutting Machine

The main circuit includes contactor, high leakage resistance of the three-phase power transformer, three-phase bridge rectifier, high-frequency arc coil and protective components, etc., the main circuit includes the main circuit and control circuit, composition.Plasma Cutting Machine

By the high leakage resistance to steep the power of the external characteristics. The control circuit completes the entire cutting process through the pushbutton switch on the torch: pre-venting – main circuit power supply – high frequency lead-cutting process – arc – stop. The main circuit of the power supply by the contactor control; gas short by the solenoid valve control; by the control circuit to control the high-frequency oscillator ignition arc, and after the establishment of the arc to stop the high frequency.Plasma Cutting Machine

Installation, maintenance and replacement of the torch: When installing or replacing the torch parts, move the torch head up and press the protective cover – the conductive nozzle – the gas distributor – the electrode – the torch body in the reverse order; in reverse order assembly. When installing the nozzle, keep the concentricity with the electrode. Protective cover to be tightened, the nozzle to be pressed, if loose, can not cut. Reasonable use of the torch, the nozzle and the workpiece in contact with the arc; and cutting the end, you should first release the handle button off the arc, and then remove the torch from the workpiece surface, which can extend the life of parts. When the nozzle due to the central empty and affect the quality of cutting should be promptly replaced. When the center of the electrode is more than 2 mm deep or can not be arcned, the electrode can be used in reverse or in use.Plasma Cutting Machine

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