Classification And Advantages Of Laser Engraving Machine

The advantages of laser engraving and cutting machine are that laser processing has obvious advantages such as wide processing object, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, small pollution, non-contact distance processing and active processing. Slit narrow, carved fine, can casually cut through the blind groove, can be easily applied to ultra-thin, fragile, brittle, soft, hard materials and synthetic materials, cutting speed, no tool wear; Following the growth of light, motor, material, computer, and control skills has gradually become a new processing skill.Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving and cutting machine combines the effect of laser engraving and laser cutting, to the laser and control system put forward a higher request, it is connected with the carving and cutting all the advantages, machine use, more cost-effective at present throughout the use of advertising technology, mold model, printing plate, leather leather, electronic instrumentation and many other industries.Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving and laser cutting are two different ways of working. Laser engraving is usually composed of carbon dioxide lasers, dedicated laser engraving software, active control systems and fine mechanical components, belonging to low price High-tech laser products. Lasers, active control systems, fine mechanical components are the key to weighing machines. Laser cutting is the melting or vaporization of the workpiece using a focused high-energy laser beam, which is formed by an auxiliary gas that is melted or oxide blown out. Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing skills in laser processing.Laser Engraving Machine

According to the high density of laser energy, strong operability and other characteristics, in many years of production of laser equipment based on the successful development of a new generation of XP system high-speed laser cutting engraving machine. The equipment has extensive processing materials, cutting edge smooth burr-free, no polishing, no noise, no dust crumbs, fast processing speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency, is the industry’s prerequisite and the best choice for replacement.Laser Engraving Machine

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