What Factors Affect The Effect Of Laser Engraving Machine

The use of laser engraving machine is more and more big, with the continuous increase in the market, especially advertising, media and other arts continue to develop, the impact on the development of the industry is relatively large, so the words for laser engraving machine cutting technology has a new requirement, only the cutting more accurate can be more reflected in the art, To reflect the beautiful, so that the quality of laser engraving machine is very critical, but its carving can be controlled, the general words can be carried out in the following ways.Laser Engraving Machine

Cutting speed on the impact of the cutting quality, given the laser power density and material, cutting speed in line with an empirical formula, as long as the threshold above, the material cutting speed and laser power density is proportional, that is, increase the power density can improve cutting speed. The power density referred to here is not only related to the laser output power, but also to the beam quality mode. In addition, the characteristics of the beam focusing system, that is, the spot size after focusing on the laser cutting has a great impact.Laser Engraving Machine

The influence of the focus position adjustment on the cutting quality, because the laser power density has a great influence on the cutting speed, the selection of the focal length of the lens is an important problem. After laser beam focusing, the spot size is proportional to the lens focal, after focusing on short focal length lens, the beam has a small size and a high power density, which is advantageous to the cutting of material. But its disadvantage is depth is very short, the adjustment allowance is small, the general comparison is suitable for the high speed cutting thin type material. Because the long focal lens has a wider focal depth, as long as it has sufficient power density, it is more suitable for cutting thick workpiece.Laser Engraving Machine

The effect of auxiliary gas pressure on cutting quality, in general, the use of auxiliary gas in material cutting, the problem mainly involves the type and pressure of auxiliary gases. Usually, the auxiliary gas and the laser beam coaxial spray, protect the lens from pollution and blow away the bottom of the cutting area slag. For non-metallic materials and some metal materials, the use of compressed air or inert gases, treatment of melting and evaporation materials, while inhibiting the excessive combustion of cutting areas. Laser engraving machine is mainly used for advertising and art design, to highlight the beauty, generosity and beauty of the enjoyment, is a practical and artistic value!Laser Engraving Machine

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