Forwarder Chosen Suggestions

1. Local freight forwarder or Chinese freight forwarder ?

— Better Chinese freight forwarder.

You can talk everything directly with the Chinese forwarder but not via your local freight forwarder.

Even you cooperate with local forwarder, who still arrange shippment via his Chinese agent.

2. Global company or medium-sized company ?

— 10 years ago, of course Global company, it means lower rate.

Nowadays, the marketing is more and more transparent, no big profit can be hidden.

Service is the most important, better service means lower cost. Medium-sized company has flexible policy and better service, not fixed procedure.

3. CIL or other Chinese freight forwarder ?

— CIL is your best choice.

Located in Shenzhen → closed to airports & seaports.

Rich-experienced sales → not quotation only but logistics solution.

High-skilled operation colleagues → control the potential trouble.

Value-added services provided → visit supplier, check commodity, buy insurance, repacking and other individual services.

4. Is CIL reliable ?

— Aboslutely yes. CIL has NVOCC license. NVOCC, means Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier, is a cargo consolidator who does not own any vessel, but acts as a carrier legally by accepting required responsibilities of a carrier who issues his own bill of lading (or airway bill), which is called House bill of lading under sea shipment and House airway bill under air shipment.

5. What services CIL provide ?

— Ocean freight, Air freight, Rail freight, Express service, Warehouse & Distribution, Customs broker, etc..

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