Plasma Cutting Machine

With the development of the economy and the improvement of technology, traditional processing methods have been difficult to meet the current processing needs, in order to obtain better processing effect, many industries are now using High-tech means to assist in processing. And now the laser technology is one of them, not only changed the traditional processing methods, excellent performance advantages are now recognized by many industries, as one of these industries indispensable processing methods, and as a laser equipment—-Laser cutting machine has received unprecedented attention.Plasma Cutting Machine

In the use of the present laser precision cutting, compared with the traditional processing methods, now the laser precision cutting has many prominent points. For example, in the use of laser cutting can be a narrow incision, there is almost no residual residue, only a small heat affected zone, while the process of processing no noisy sound, the material used above can save the traditional processing methods of material $number. In particular, cutting printed circuit board PCB in the surface of the installation template, the use of traditional processing methods, because the limit size of the processing is not less than the thickness of the plate, and processing because of its complex operation, processing cycle is very long, but also pollute the environment, it is difficult to adapt to the current processing needs The use of the current laser processing, not only to avoid the shortcomings of these traditional processing methods, but also to the finished product template can be processed.

Because the laser cutting machine does not need to wear the tool, can continue to manufacture for a long time, for different processing materials, we can use the current operating software settings to achieve. For some specific processing needs, we can also freely match the automation facilities to achieve productivity improvement. In the future with the continuous development of laser technology applications, as well as other related technologies continue to develop, laser technology in the field of precision machining now will be more in-depth and broader application.Plasma Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine applications are also more extensive, such as the application of sapphire, glass, ceramic precision cutting; FPC, PCB board precision cutting and drilling, all kinds of metal and non-metallic thin plate precision cutting and so on.Plasma Cutting Machine

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