Analysis Of Marking Advantages Of Plastic Products Using Laser Marking Machine

Plastic products on our daily life, such as plastic barrels, water cups, faucets, mobile phone shells, lamps, agricultural plastics, packaging plastics, construction plastics, decorative plastics, medical plastics and other industries we can see the shadow of plastic. Compared with the previous metal, stone, wood, plastic products have a low cost, plasticity, and many other advantages, in the present society has irreplaceable role, has a very important position.Laser Marking Machine

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the quality of plastic products is also more and more attention, not only need to reduce the environmental pollution of plastic products, but also increasingly value the appearance of plastic products quality. So manufacturers in order to improve their product brand influence, but also in order to promote brand promotion, will be in the plastic products marked by a clear and beautiful production date, logo, patent number, company name, parameters, indicating the name, number and other information. In the past, most of us used the traditional printing marks, such as screen printing, transfer printing, embossing, embossing, printing ink, and so on, although these processing methods have been in the plastic processing and manufacturing has a very long history, but in some long contact products, it is easy to cause the marking information in the use of the process of wear or fall off, but also to consume consumables, the environment caused a certain amount of pollution, especially the food industry need to be cautious, and cost is relatively high, So it is difficult to meet the needs of plastic products processing.Laser Marking Machine

In order to adapt and solve these problems, now more and more plastic products processing industry began to use the current laser marking machine marking. As a rapid and promising marker, laser marking has wide application prospect in many fields nowadays, unlike the traditional processing method, laser marking is a kind of processing method of permanent marking on plastic surface by using high energy density laser beam, making local irradiation on the surface of plastic products, vaporization of material surface or a series of chemical changes. It is characterized by non-contact processing, pollution-free, high precision operation, fast marking, simple operation and the effect of marking is permanent. Not only to the plastic products to the smooth texture of the marking information, at the same time, do not need expensive early work and final finishing work, in addition to the actual processing needs of the relevant automation related facilities, to achieve high-volume production needs.Laser Marking Machine

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