New T-series Laser Engraving Machine

Since 2013 to now, some labor-intensive enterprises such as paper-cutting industry, leather carving cutting, advertising industry under the “external and external” double attack. On the one hand, under the pressure of international market downturn, on the other hand, customer service domestic labor, financing costs, raw materials costs continue to rise pressure. In this case, enterprises are exploring the way to survive, looking for more can reduce costs, improve productivity, improve product quality laser engraving machine/cutting machine.Laser Engraving Machine

New T-series laser engraving machine/cutting machine, widely used with non-metallic carving/cutting industry, the new T-series laser paper-cutting machine, laser image engraving machine, laser punching machine, fixed monthly direct sales of about 20 machines. New T Series laser engraving machine/cutting machine Four advantages have been recognized by a large number of enterprises.Laser Engraving Machine

① Improve production efficiency: we have done a lot of research and development work on the control system, transmission system and auxiliary system of the product. The processing speed of the equipment is increasing. Product in the speed of the decision advantage has been in the industry in a completely leading level. The productivity of customers is increasing. ② increase machining accuracy: for paper-cut processing of complex corners, sharp corners and so on special we do a lot of optimization work, processing effect, edge smoothness in the entire industry to achieve the most professional fineness. 2011 Our equipment cut out about 7cm of a fine paper-cut, the most thin line only 0.5mm, let from many businessmen surprised chant unceasingly. Good processing precision, perfect cutting effect to ensure that the customer processed products have a quality advantage. ③ Reduce processing costs: We constantly improve in product development, combined with customer concerns. A lot of work has been done on the life of the equipment and the cost of use. A lot of energy is optimized, saving the laser energy, saving the cost of electricity and constantly improving. Products all supporting catalytic laser tube, laser tube life is a common product of more than twice times, greatly reducing the cost of customer supplies. ④ 24 hours High load work: My company’s product stability has always been to do the heavy, Excelsior work attitude and perfect production quality control system, products in the stability of all customers agree. Can meet customer high load 24 hours work.Laser Engraving Machine

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