The Reason Of Not Moving The Galvanometer Of Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine is often referred to as laser marking machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, marking machine, radium engraving machine, laser marker equipment, according to its working way can be divided into lamp pump YAG laser marking machine, DP semiconductor side pump Laser marking machine, EP semiconductor end-pump laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, laser marking is to use the laser beam to make the surface material evaporation exposed deep material, or lead to the chemical and physical changes in the surface material to carve out traces, or to burn off some of the material by light energy , showing the graphics and text of the desired etching. In addition, the flight marking machine is now mature technology, he has a high efficiency.Laser Marking Machine

First, check whether the Galvanometer power supply: Check method: 1, remove the flat-field mirror, open the galvanometer switch. 2, with the hands on the edge of the two lens mirror, see if the vibration mirror motor lock. If you can swing freely, the galvanometer is not on the power.3, open galvanometer DB25 pin plug shell, with a multimeter check plug 12 feet–24 foot 10 feet–24 foot voltage, normal situation voltage is -24v±0.5V, +24v±0.5V. 4, if the voltage is normal, then the vibration mirror failure, the replacement of Galvanometer. 5, if there is no voltage, and then check the main control box back Galvanometer power navigation (above has “galvanometer power” mark) 1 feet-feet (+24v±0.5V), 2 feet-foot ( -24v±0.5V) voltage, if the voltage here is normal, indicating that the connecting line from the main control box to the galvanometer is poorly welded and the thread is soldered again. If the voltage is not normal here, the galvanometer power is damaged and the mirror power is replaced.Laser Marking Machine

Second, the card is bad, replace the board card. Board card on the x, y mirror signal voltage, normal situation is: marking for 0-5v between the changes, not marking the 0V. Laser control card DB9 plug 1 feet x, 6 feet x, 3 feet +, 8 feet y. Vibration Mirror DB25 needle plug 3 feet y, 16 feet +, 4 feet x, 17 feet x. If there is a signal on the control card, there is no signal on the galvanometer, then the wiring has bad welding and the welding thread is welded again.Laser Marking Machine

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