YAG Laser Engraving Machine

YAG laser engraving machine also known as YAG laser marking machine, is equipped with YAG laser machine, commonly used in solid objects on the surface marking carving. Common is divided into lamp-pumped YAG laser engraving machine and semiconductor pump YAG laser engraving machine.Laser Engraving Machine

YAG laser is a solid laser, which produces a laser wavelength of 1064nm, belongs to the infrared spectrum, which is characterized by high oscillation efficiency, large output power, and very stable, is the most mature technology, the most widely used solid-state laser. YAG lasers can be used for laser marking of all metals and most non-metallic materials, thus being recognized as the most common laser source in industrial laser marking.Laser Engraving Machine

In the field of laser processing, laser marking is one of the most widely used technology, laser marker technology is a modern High-tech laser technology and computer technology crystallization products, has been applied to all materials marking, including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon chip and so on. Compared with traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing and printing ink, laser marking has the advantages of low cost, high flexibility, and can be controlled by computer system, and the strong permanence of the mark produced by laser acting on the workpiece surface is its outstanding feature. The laser marking system can implement the product single identification number for the mass production workpiece, then the line code or the two-dimensional code array is labeled on the product, which can help to carry out the production process control, quality control and prevent counterfeit products very effectively. Wide range of applications, such as the electronics industry, automotive motorcycle industry, medical products, hardware tools, household appliances, daily necessities, label technology, aviation industry, card cards, jewelry processing, instrumentation and advertising signs.Laser Engraving Machine

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