Design And Analysis Of Control System Of CNC Router

According to the design concept of open CNC system, the motion control system of miniature NC milling machine is developed. Firstly, the hardware structure and principle of the system are designed in detail, and then, according to the function requirement, the control software of the upper computer is designed. Finally, using the regular Expression class library function as the matching and analyzing tool, combining the database technology, the NC code compiling system is researched, and a special NC code compiling tool is designed for the control system of the NC milling machine. The NC code compiling algorithm is validated in the miniature NC Milling machine system, and it works well, which provides a reference for the research of NC system innovation in the future.CNC Router

Traditional CNC system hardware is mostly based on the PC or industrial control computer, software based on Windows platform. High cost of hardware and software, large power consumption and waste of resources. This paper presents an embedded CNC Milling Machine control system based on Linux operating system, which takes ARM9 microprocessor as hardware platform, and provides control signal to power drive device, i.e. servo motor and stepper motor driver, and control milling Cutter’s rotation and walk position. The experiment shows that the system can meet the requirements of the traditional CNC Milling machine system, and greatly reduce the cost and save the resources.CNC Router

Numerical control device is the core of CNC system, and its hardware and software design have a decisive influence on the function of the whole milling machine. Pic16f87x MCU is widely used in the control system of milling machine because of its unique advantages. The software and hardware design of the control system is complementary, the hardware design is the foundation, the software design realizes the final processing. On the basis of considering multi-task and real-time, the interpolation subroutine of software is relatively simple, and the calculation speed is faster.CNC Router

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