Fiber Laser Marking Machine-cold Water Machine

Fiber laser marking machine-cold water machine as a fiber laser marking machine supporting the cooling equipment, the cold water machine to ensure that the fiber laser marking machine in a constant temperature state, normal operation. Fiber laser Marking machine dedicated chillers belong to refrigeration industrial chillers, with thermostat and intelligent thermostat Two working mode, temperature control accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. Technical parameters: One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control: Different environments, users can automatically switch to the appropriate control temperature without changes, with heaters and purified water quality configuration.Laser Marking Machine

Users have to use laser marking machine to maintain the laser marking machine, in order to allow users to better use laser marking machine, create more benefits, but also extend the service life of laser marking machine. The cold water machine as a laser marking machine part of the laser marking machine in the day-to-day maintenance of the most likely to be overlooked, but it is also crucial to the maintenance, can extend the service life of laser marking machine. So how to maintain the cold water machine of laser marking machine?Laser Marking Machine

As part of the laser marking machine, the cold water machine is often neglected in the daily maintenance of laser marking machine, but it is also very important to maintain the service life of the laser marking machine. Water chiller must be pure water, and to observe changes in water quality regularly, generally 2 months to change water; the water temperature setting of the chiller varies according to the heat dissipation condition, generally is the summer or the temperature is high 28 degrees, the other 25 degrees; filter mesh and filter to be based on the use of regular cleaning, another water cooler water level can not be too high or too low, more than the overall water two-thirds and below the top position of three centimeters below.Laser Marking Machine

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