Advertising Laser Engraving Machine

The production of the company’s advertising laser engraving machine, is specifically designed for the advertising industry and tailor-made models, high precision, stable performance, super long warranty, simple maintenance. With CAD software or CorelDRAW Graphics software can instantly design real-time output cutting sample version.Laser Engraving Machine

This advertising laser engraving machine can be a whole piece of material into the machine for processing, not a waste of material, easy to operate, good processing quality, one-time processing molding, no need to polish. For a variety of advertising materials are applicable, such as: Acrylic, plexiglass, double color board, PVC and so on, hollow, carved word, cutting one.Laser Engraving Machine

This advertising laser engraving machine can also be equipped with a number of laser head, suitable for processing a large volume, processing time tight production-oriented enterprises, with high efficiency and low input characteristics. Also can be carved and cut processing at the same time, but also on-demand single head control, and laser power can be controlled alone. The machine overcomes the problem that the relative position of the laser head of the conventional multi-machine can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the production flexibility is greatly enhanced. At the same time, it has a single large surface cutting material and long small surface high efficiency cutting optional features, more extensive adaptation, thus fundamentally solving the single head laser machine can not meet the problem of mass production, so that enterprises with the laser machine to produce large quantities of products become a reality.Laser Engraving Machine

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