Advantages Of Laser Engraving Machine

Engraving is a very broad concept, generally for the processing of hard materials, plate cutting, marking, flat carving (two-dimensional), relief (3D) and so on. Engraving machine based on other processing principles, can be divided into mechanical engraving machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting engraving machine. Water knife cutting machine. When the crafts of the basket carving at least in the current stage also need to manually, the current application of the most mechanical engraving machine,laser engraving machine and sandblasting engraving machine. The laser has a lot of advantages over conventional machining methods, and one of the laser engraving machines is non-contact with the material, so there is no tool loss for traditional engraving machines, which also reduces potential substandard products. The marking of the laser can be kept lasting and the profile is clear. Although it may take time to repeatedly to find the appropriate parameter settings, laser engraving machine or faster than the traditional mechanical engraving machine. As the principle of the engraving machine is very different, the laser can also engrave the traditional engraving method can not carve a lot of materials, such as wood, rubber

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