Introduction Of Machining Process Of CNC Router

The design of the process route of NC Milling machine must take all kinds of factors into consideration, pay attention to the correct division and sequencing of the process, and arrange the connection between the machining process of NC milling machine and the ordinary process reasonably. Compared with ordinary milling machine, the machining process is more concentrated. According to the machining characteristics of NC Milling machine, there are 3 kinds of machining process of NC milling machine.CNC Router

1. According to the position of clamping and dividing the process. This method is generally suitable for processing the workpiece is not much, mainly the processing parts are divided into several parts, each process processing part. such as CNC milling machine processing shape, the inside cavity clamping internal cavity, with the shape of clamping. 2. The process is divided into coarse and fine processing. For the NC milling machine parts prone to deformation, taking into account the workpiece processing accuracy, deformation and other factors, can be divided according to the principle of coarse, refined processing to divide the process, that is, first coarse after finishing. 3, in order to reduce the number of times to change the stroke, you can take the principle of cutting tools to divide the process.CNC Router

In the process of division, according to the structural requirements of the workpiece, the installation of the workpiece, workpiece processing technology, CNC Milling Machine performance and plant production organization and management factors such as flexible grasp, and strive to be reasonable. Licheng specializes in precision dedicated machine tool research, development, manufacturing, sales, with precision dedicated machine tool research and development capabilities and a wealth of precision manufacturing experience.CNC Router

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