Function Characteristics Of CNC Router

Features: CNC Milling machining In addition to the characteristics of ordinary milling machine, there are the following features: 1, the adaptability of parts processing, flexibility, can be processed contour shape is particularly complex or difficult to control the size of parts, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc. 2, can process ordinary machine tools cannot be processed or difficult to process parts, such as the use of mathematical models to describe the complex curve parts and three-dimensional space surface parts; 3, can be processed once clamping positioning, need to carry out a number of machining process parts; 4. High precision processing, stable and reliable processing quality, the pulse equivalent of the numerical control device is generally 0.001mm, high-precision CNC system can reach 0.1μm, in addition, CNC machining also avoids operator’s operation error.CNC Router
High production automation, can reduce the operator’s labor intensity. is advantageous to the production management automation, the production efficiency is high, the numerical control milling machine generally does not need to use the special fixture and so on special craft equipment, when replaces the workpiece only then calls the processing program which stores in the numerical control device, the clamping tool and adjusts the tool data, thus greatly shortens the production cycle. Secondly, the CNC milling machine has the function of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated and greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of CNC Milling machine are stepless variable speed, so it is advantageous to choose the optimum cutting dosage.CNC Router
Basic structure: CNC Milling machine in various forms, different types of NC milling machine in the composition although there are differences, but there are many similarities. The composition of the xk5040a CNC vertical Lifting Table Milling machine is described below. Ⅺ saw 040A CNC vertical lifting table Milling machine with Ⅳ four 3MA CNC system, using all-digital AC servo drive. The machine consists of 6 main parts. That is, the part of the bed, the milling head part, the worktable part, the transverse feed part, the lifting table part, the cooling, the lubrication part. The internal layout of the bed is reasonable, with good rigidity, the base is equipped with 4 adjusting bolts, which facilitates the horizontal adjustment of the machine tool, and the ragged of the cutting fluid is located inside the machine seat.CNC Router
From the characteristics of digital control technology. Because the CNC machine tool adopts servo motor, the application of digital technology realizes the direct control of the working sequence and movement displacement of the machine tool, the gearbox structure of the traditional machine tool is canceled or partially canceled, so the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. The digital control also requires that the mechanical system has higher transmission stiffness and no drive clearance to ensure the implementation of the command and control quality.CNC Router

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