Technology Of Laser Marking Machine

Plastic Laser Marking technology: Plastic is an important packaging material, marks used in plastic products, such as trademarks, bar codes and numbering, are usually produced by external processing methods, such as printing, pasting labels, hot stamping and shrink wrapping, or by direct mechanical processing on the surface of plastic products, such as stamping, engraving, punching, and so on. And the use of laser marking machine marking on the surface of plastic products is a high processing speed, can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, so that text, numbers or icons and plastic products become a unified whole new marking technology. Plastic Products Laser marking machine using laser beam on the surface of the plastic directly generated marks, including marking, coding, labeling, characters, lines, numbers, and even color, do not need other processing processes.Laser Marking Machine
Laser marking equipment and materials, in order to get a clear laser marking, we must understand the following: laser marking equipment, different laser machine can emit different wavelengths of light, different laser penetration capacity is also different, and the adaptability of different lasers to mark the quality and marking speed have influence. Although there are many laser light sources for marking the surface of plastic, the sealed carbon dioxide laser is the most widely used marking laser in Shenyang brochure, followed by solid Nd: YAG laser and diode nd: YAG laser. Therefore, the plastic product marking should be preferred carbon dioxide laser, if the required contrast or plastic melting excessive, can choose Nd: YAG laser.Laser Marking Machine
Select laser marking machine, the cost is a key factor. A set of carbon dioxide laser marking machine priced at 25,000 $number. 50,000 USD, while 1 tubes or diode nd: YAG laser marking machine priced at 60,000 ~. Between 50,000 dollars. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is through the etching of plastic surface, evaporation to clean up waste, get a contrast of the printing, almost no color changes. In the coding process of bottled production lines, marking speed is the key, especially when printing large print in the general use of carbon dioxide lasers. Suitable for the use of carbon dioxide laser marking machine marking the plastic has PVC, ABS and most of the polyester; mica-filled commercial resin, such as PP, with carbon dioxide laser marking machine will produce frost-gray printing mark. Although the output power of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine can reach 200W, but the power used in the plastic marking only needs 10~25w, the highest is 50W. Solid Nd: YAG laser Marking machine Laser Marking Machine
Nd: YAG laser marking machine is currently popular marking equipment, generally used for high-quality parts of the printing standard, such as electronic connectors, engine cover and so on. Nd: YAG laser marking machine produces a short wavelength of laser, high energy, so can get a high definition. But heating plastics can cause thermal reactions (such as foaming) and color changes. Product requirements and process characteristics, the use of marking equipment, to understand the production and marking requirements. For example, the high contrast requirements, printing standard can not be interrupted products, high-frequency lasers are preferred. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the low output power of equipment for speed requirements.Laser Marking Machine

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