System Classification Of CNC Router

Shan cooling System. The cooling system of the machine tool is composed of the cooling pump, outlet pipe, back water tube, switch and nozzle, and the cooling pump is installed in the inner cavity of the base of the machine tool, and the cooling pump will beat the cutting fluid from the storage tank of the base to the outlet pipe, then the cutting area is cooled.CNC Router

Shan lubrication system and way. Lubrication system is a manual run donated oil pump, oil separator, throttle valve, tubing and other components. The machine tool uses the periodic lubrication method, uses the manual lubricating oil pump, through the oil separator to the spindle sleeve, the longitudinal and horizontal guide track and the three-way ball screw to lubricate, enhances the machine tool service life.CNC Router

From the characteristics of digital control technology. Because the CNC machine tool adopts servo motor, the application of digital technology realizes the direct control of the working sequence and movement displacement of the machine tool, the gearbox structure of the traditional machine tool is canceled or partially canceled, so the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. The digital control also requires that the mechanical system has higher transmission stiffness and no drive clearance to ensure the implementation of the command and control quality. Same. Because of the continuous improvement of computer level and control ability, it is possible to allow more function parts to perform all kinds of auxiliary functions on the same machine tool, so the mechanical structure of NC machine tool has higher integration function requirement than traditional machine tool.CNC Router

From the requirements of the development of manufacturing technology, with the advent of new materials and processes, as well as the requirements of market competition for low-cost, metal cutting is moving towards higher cutting speed and accuracy, higher productivity and more reliable system. This requires the development of traditional machine tools on the basis of higher precision CNC machine tools. The driving power is more, the mechanical mechanism moves ‘ static, the hot state rigidity is better, the work is more reliable, can realize the long time to run continuously with as few downtime as possible.

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