Fault Points Of Laser Engraving Machine

1. The laser tube installs the fulcrum to be reasonable, the fulcrum should be in the total length of the laser tube 1/4, otherwise cause laser tube spot mode to become bad, some work for a period of time spot into a few points, resulting in the laser power drop can not meet the requirements, resulting in a constant change of tube, carefully read the laser tube use notes.

2. Cooling system to ground, often clean water tanks and waterways, refrigeration temperature control tank temperature control point to reasonable, otherwise caused by the laser tube easily damaged and condensation power drop, the tube of cold water head off, life is greatly shortened, sometimes unable to work, resulting in constant change of tube.

3. Water protection should be regularly inspected cleaning, cooling water often can not be washed to protect the float switch or water protection float switch no longer, can not be used short method to solve the pressing problem. Water quality is better, the nozzle aluminum oxide is too serious, the use of a period of time to regularly clean water pumps and water pipes, the dirt protection, or cause the laser tube burst or cold water head off.

4. The suction device should be inspected regularly and cleaned, and the wind duct of the air blower is cleaned. Otherwise, a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged, the serious rapid pollution of the lens and laser tube, so that the mechanical and electronic components easily oxidized caused by contact is not good.Laser Engraving Machine

5. Focus Mirror and mirror inspection, work a while the frame on the heat, the surface discoloration of the lens rust; Delamination is the object to be replaced, especially many customers with air pumps and air compressors, so that the focus on the lens on the water quickly, so must be on time to check the lens (laser tube out of the light) light road system clean and quality good or bad.

6. Machine working environment can not be too bad, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, below 18 degrees, too much dust, air pollution is serious, so the machine seriously damaged, the failure rate rising; Therefore, in particular remind customers to improve the working environment and the machine to maintain regular maintenance.

7. Electricity power grid power to match. All parts of the entire equipment distribution and contact point to be good (fan, water-cooled machine, laser, laser power supply, the computer to the independent power supply).

8. Laser Tube Working current should be reasonable, can not be in the long-term 90-100 light intensity work; To rationalize the application of laser and save the laser energy; the optical path system should be clean and correct, otherwise the laser tube premature aging and rupture, so the laser working time should be adjusted in the $number and then according to the material to adjust the working speed, this is the best laser tube working state.Laser Engraving Machine

9. The floor and the processing material to be flat, otherwise cause focal length inconsistent some places do not wear, so the light intensity will increase, also can cause the rapid aging of the laser tube.

10. Laser power supply cooling to be smooth, otherwise one but the work current tune 50% above the temperature rise very high, this makes the laser power supply failure rate increase. Like the TM series machine can take the side door to take down, the power out of the heat emitted directly out.Laser Engraving Machine

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