Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Quality

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CNC laser cutting machine cutting accuracy is judged the quality of the first element. Affect the accuracy of CNC laser cutting machine cutting four factors:
1 the size of laser coagulation, laser generator. After gathering if the spot is very small, very high cutting precision, if after cutting the gap is very small. Then the high precision laser cutting machine, quality is very high. But the laser beam is tapered, so cut out slot is cone-shaped. Under these conditions, workpiece thickness greater accuracy will be lower, so the larger the kerf.
2, the precision of worktable. If very high accuracy of the Workbench, the cutting accuracy also improved. Worktable precision measuring accuracy of laser generator is a very important factor.
3, laser beam into a cone. Cutting, laser beam is to taper down, then if the thickness of the workpiece cutting very large cutting accuracy will decrease the cutting gap is very large.
4, cutting materials, also affect the precision of laser cutting machines. In the same context, cutting the cutting of aluminium and stainless steel precision would be very different, stainless steel cutting precision will be higher, and the section is smooth.

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