Laser Cutting Market Situation

The development of China’s laser industry, although a preliminary development, but under the leadership of international science and technology has completed its rapid development, and prominent than same quality has a higher stage. Laser cutting machines, market demand up to tens, adds new life to the broader market. Since the 60 ‘s first birth of the laser equipment and applications, our country has a number of experts in the efforts the laser industry, and achieved the international a tiny difference. In the laser industry development at the same time, laser complete sets of equipment are also entering the market of production, out of long-term dependence on foreign situation, solves the awkward situation of China’s laser industry.
Domestic economic of rapid development, became laser market of high industry pillar, and can reached annual 20% above of growth speed, became global laser market of a new beginning, according to experts forecast, domestic of laser market still in high-speed of growth stage, in future can in for turned times of increased, to maximum of expanded laser cutting equipment of market, fill domestic blank, will domestic high-end laser equipment out trapped of State, became international Shang of pillar. China laser industry gathered in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shenzhen is China’s important sales markets, and with many years of development experience, ahead of other regions.

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