The Competitive Advantage Of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting machine is sheet metal gold processing of once process revolution, is sheet metal gold processing in the of “processing Central”; laser cutting machine flexible of degree high, cutting speed fast, produced efficiency high, products produced cycle short, for customer won has widely of market, the technology of effective life period long, abroad over 2 mm thickness of plate most used laser cutting machine, many abroad of experts consistent thought future 30-40 years is laser processing technology development of gold period.
In General, it is recommended to 12mm carbon steel, 10MM stainless steel laser cutting machines for sheet metal cutting is recommended. Laser cutting machine no cutting force, processing no deformation: no tool wear, material adaptability good: regardless of is simple also is complex parts, are can with laser once precision fast forming cutting: its cut sewing narrow, cutting quality good, automation degree high, manipulation simple, intensity low, no pollution: can achieved cutting automatically row sample, and sets material, and progress has material utilization, produced cost low, economic good.
Laser cutting machine purchase to consider of factors many, except to consider currently processing artifacts of maximum size, and material, and need cutting of maximum thickness and raw materials format of size outside, more of need consider future of development direction, like by do products of technology modification Hou to processing of maximum artifacts size, and steel market by provides material of format for himself of products which species most province material, upper and lower material time and so on.

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