Laser Cutting Procedure

1, point location to check it out. Should be adjusted according to the material before cutting laser beam focused on the workpiece position, due to the laser beam, in particular CO2 gas laser, usually invisible, wedge-shaped acrylic blocks can be used to detect focus position, and then adjust the height of the cutting torch, the focus is in the set position.
2, piercing points. Century when cutting, some parts from the sheet inside cutting, it will first punch holes in sheet metal. One method is the use of continuous laser, perforated in the sheet, you can use the auxiliary gas normal pressure, beam 0.2~1s can run through the workpiece can then be transferred to the cut. When the thickness of the workpiece (such as thickness for 2~4mm), the use of normal gas pressure perforation on the surface will form a larger karst pits. Not only affects the quality of cutting, and molten material spillage could damage the lens or nozzle. Should be appropriately increased auxiliary gas pressure at this time, colleagues slightly increase the distance of the diameter of the nozzle and the workpiece. The disadvantage of this method is to increase gas flow and decrease the cutting speed.
3, preventing the sharp bend in the burning of the workpiece. Continuous laser cutting with sharp parts, such as cutting parameters or improper operation, in the sharp bend is prone to burning, could not form the corner of sharp corners. Not only does this make the site of poor quality, but also affect subsequent cutting. Way to solve this problem is to select the proper cutting parameters, using pulsed-laser cutting, there is no sharp transition of burning issues.

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